Modulux is a modular house producer with a passion for innovation. Our long-term experience in the sector enables us to offer a wide range of high-quality prefabricated structures. We work with our clients to create – within their parameters and budget – their perfect house.
Prefabrication and individual approach. These two features certainly set us apart in the market. We decided to start our own business upon having long experience with a series of competing technologies. We have understood that no technology is universal, therefore Modulux prefabricated houses are made in three key technologies: structural insulated panels, ready-made frame modules and prefabricated frame wall elements. Variations and variables of the above technologies are indeed numerous. We build houses of all kinds: year-round, recreational, energy-efficient, passive, mobile, open diffusion ones, etc.
We are not a technology producer who shoves its products and projects down potential clients’ throat. The experienced Modulux team always selects the technology according to the design, the client, the budget and the needs, highlighting arguments in favour of this or that solution. As a result, each and every Modulux project is implemented having in mind the maximisation of its technological and quality advantages. Our houses make use of the smart home control technology (SmartHome). If you would like to explore the competitive advantages of these specific technologies, feel free to get in touch with us or take a look at our marketing materials.

MOdulux Team

fotografia założyciela Daniela
Daniel Madej


The key originator and construction mentor of the Modulux team. With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, no building project is a ‘mission impossible’ for him. Expert in the field of innovative construction solutions, who has gained his knowledge in a number of European markets.
fotografia założyciela Modulux
Filip strómiłło


Organisational excellence specialist and chief coordinator of the Modulux team. Accountable for all organisational and legal issues related to our projects. He makes use of his engineering experience to implement new energy-efficient solutions in Modulux houses.


Here we go!
We take our first steps in the construction sector.
Project – DM Construction

DM Construction, the first construction company, which is still thriving today, starts its operations with dozens of projects in various fields.

We implement the SIP technology
We construct first energy-efficient houses and start using Structural Insulated Panels (SIP).
Production - Modulux in the Netherlands
The first company to produce prefabricated houses in the Netherlands is established.
Back to Poland
We fully relocate our manufacturing operations to Poland. We also combine production and constructing fields of operation.
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