No durability is one of the most common accusations levelled against wooden structures. ‘After all, a brick house is a brick-walled one…’ At first glance, it may seem so…

But the invalidity of such – unfortunately, still popular – claims is best demonstrated by the figures. While the standard warranty for the construction of a traditional building covers 10 years, for the construction of a Modulux house, you get a 30-year warranty! This huge difference should not come as a surprise, since good quality wooden houses can ‘stand’ for over 100 years.
“Wood-framed houses must be flammable as wood catches fire easily…” Fortunately, more and more people understand how it works and how senseless some ‘expert’ arguments can be. The ‘behaviour’ of a building when under a potential fire is the key measure of its fire resistance. For each and every partition, its specific index is calculated, defining the time during which such a flamed partition keeps its structural performance and gives residents time to evacuate It turns out that standard wooden partitions hold better indices than traditional partitions do. The figures cannot be fooled. So, what is the reason for this?

Top-quality structural wood itself does not plasticise like, for example, steel and therefore it can keep its load-bearing properties for a very long time, even when its structure is damaged. Apart from that, Modulux prefabricated elements often are fitted with linings made of MgO panels – this is an advanced building cladding which acts like a fire barrier. The combination of top-quality materials, thorough transparency and adherence to the guidelines, as well as full certification of all materials make the Modulux technology applicable for the construction of buildings with the required highest fire resistance.
Prefabrication and individual approach. These two features certainly set us apart in the market. Prefabricated houses by Modulux are made under three main technologies:
– Structural insulated panels (SIP)
– Ready-made frame modules
– Prefabricated frame wall elements

Variations and variables of the above technologies are indeed numerous. We build houses of all kinds: year-round, recreational, energy-efficient, passive, mobile, open diffusion ones, etc. It would take a long time to list all of them. In fact, in order to answer the question about the Modulux technological advantages, we would have to look at specific projects. And this is our biggest advantage. We are not a technology producer shoving its products and projects down potential clients’ throat convincing them they are the best. It is because it cannot be said that an individual technology will always be the best, without taking into account such variables as location, design or price.

The experienced Modulux team always selects the technology according to the design, the client, the budget and the needs, highlighting arguments in favour of this or that solution. As a result, each and every Modulux project is implemented having in mind the maximisation of its technological and quality advantages. If you would like to explore the competitive advantages of these specific technologies, feel free to get in touch with us or take a look at our marketing materials.
Both the individual selection of technology and full prefabrication make Modulux houses available “for every budget”, while keeping the highest quality. We are driven by the vision of developing our own branch of the ecological and energy-efficient house market, and therefore focus on very high flexibility. We want our houses to be for everybody. Having adopted this approach, we are experienced in both large-scale projects, such as parks and single-family housing estates, as well as medium- and small-scale projects, such as individual energy-efficient year-round single/multi-family and mobile houses. We wish our products to reach everyone.

Based on the total prefabrication, our own suppliers, reliable machinery and well-equipped production premises, we are able to produce and build houses at very attractive prices. Just imagine lots of generated clients’ savings by having the designer, producer, supplier and constructor of their house all be the same entity. The combination of this comprehensive range of services and operational automation capabilities together with express assembly timing brings costs down to a minimum. To find it out, simply submit an inquiry by email or via our application form. Modulux will be glad to provide you with a price quotation for your project – absolutely free of charge.
The current situation at the market of energy resources does not inspire optimism. Housing utility bills are on the rise day by day and there are no indications that this trend is about to be reversed. Modulux houses are a kind of response to this situation and fulfil users’ energy needs in advance. All variations of the Modulux technology are characterised by highly favourable wall permeability and thermal insulation performance. Our well-selected designs and state-of-the-art technological solutions not widely available on the market (e.g., based on open diffusion) and fully ecological, state-of-the-art insulation materials make Modulux houses significantly superior to traditional buildings in terms of their energy efficiency. Suffice it to say that we can successfully build passive houses with their energy demand (to heat a building) going below 15 kWh/(m2*year)! It is easy to calculate the potential savings over the years.

It is worth mentioning that partitions in Modulux structures on their own provide a layer of top-quality thermal insulation over-competing traditional insulation layers by over 150%. Importantly, it results in no need for additional wall insulation with a thick layer of cladding, which significantly increases the usable area of an individual building. Depending on the project, such differences can amount to as many as several square metres of usable floor space.
Recent trends clearly show that an increasing number of residents prefer spending their holidays in our country. Unfortunately, the prices, quality and availability of ‘leisure-friendly’ places to spend their long-awaited holidays in Poland, are – in short – not appalling. Modulux endeavours to change it and provide them with places in Poland they will want to come back to. As a producer with a track record of constructed single-family house parks abroad, we try to instil this idea also in Poland. House parks, which are particularly popular in the Netherlands, stand for tidy estates of modern, cosy and atmospheric houses for rent (most often), situated in picturesque locations with beautiful landscapes and natural settings around (e.g., in a country park, by a lake, etc.). Such parks are equipped with a full recreational infrastructure: restaurants, spas, rental centres (water sports equipment, bicycles, quad bikes), etc. Backed by our experience we know that a friendly single-family house park can enjoy interest throughout the year. It is worth remembering that in Poland this trend has just started and still there is a niche without much competitive pressure on the market but with unlimited demand. We encourage any business client to work with Modulux on this type of investment.